hi i'm rayn! welcome to my humble abode ◠‿◠
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"who the heck are you?"

name: rayn
middle name(s): lucille
height: 5’9
birthday: august 11th
favorite color: CORAL
best school subjects: history i gu;ess
mac or PC: mac
current shirt colour: pink and beige 

daieastreet asked: “How do you normally go about your song writing process? do you focus more on lyrics and match the music to it or do you compose the instrumental part first, or both?”

ohelderprice asked: “What is your favorite musical?”


Might go drive somewhere nice like off a cliff

make me choose |  asked me
ian x mickey or kurt x blaine

I have to drink five pints of hot coconut water every day, with a little garlic salt, some splenda, and a splash of hot sauce, and then you basically jog until you hallucinate.

5.16 “Tested” Livetweet (April 15, 2014)

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